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Posted by admin on 18 March 2021

Buying a home is everyone’s dream.

Owing to have broad housing market in Turkey and gain more value every day on this subject, in addition to these two considerations ; geographic location, the transportation convenience, increased development projects  in recently, is seen that as many people invest in buying a home in Turkey formats.

Turkey is a country that comes forward especially with its natural beauty and the development of tourism. It is a country where people from many nations can live for the rest of their lives happliy, peacefully and high standard of living style.

What are the advantages of making household investment in Turkey?

What issues we should pay attention to, when making investment house in Turkey?

As Sapphire Estate Agents,  we have answered these questions for you with our expert and reliable staff.


Residences in Turkey are sold at more affordable prices compared to many countries.

Purchasing a house in Turkey; is an easier process due to the shorter time between choosing a house, buying and getting your title deed.

Buying a house is a low risk investment tool. For example; buying a house in an area where urbanization has just begun may be more profitable for you. After the purchase, you should take into account that the value of the real estate you own will increase with the effect of urbanization and the rental income will increase in direct proportion to this.

As Sapphire Estate Agents, you should not forget that the house you buy with the many opportunities, we offer you  that your house will have rental income for 12 months a year. At the same time, the houses can be rented weekly or monthly according to the request of the person.

While our customers are away, Sapphire Estate Agents supports you in communication with the site management, following up the invoices, technical services, cleaning and garden maintenance. In addition to all these; when you arrive to Turkey we have welcoming and shopping service, decoration architectural consultancy, we also provide visas and residence services.

Based on the understanding of quality service, Sapphire Estate Agents stands out as the most accurate address that you can choose in the real estate sector by prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Turkey provides the necessary conditions for investors with its strong economy. Individuals make decisions about real estate investments in Turkey provide ease on the following issues; the absence of many alternative transportation to our country because of its geographic location, nested be habitable of city life and natural beauty and suitable housing prices and payment options for many active domestic and foreign investors.

What issues we should pay attention to, when making investment house in Turkey?

As Sapphire Estate Agents, we have listed some of the items you should pay attention as below;

  1. Thanks to the quality of the materials used, it should be ensured that the houses are built in the most earthquake-resistant manner against natural disasters such as earthquakes, which are not known beforehand.
  2. You should make investments that you can sell easily and in the short term after you purchase. In this regard, Sapphire Estate Agents projects offer opportunities to save you from this long process with the alternatives they offer for social life and the comfort provided by the residences.
  3. You need to have information about the dues of the house to be invested. The dues you pay for the services you receive must be in direct proportion.
  4. You should see your future in the house that you invested. Sapphire Estate Agents will allow you to increase your future earnings fold with projects which has high premium potential.
  5. In terms of transportation, it will be a profitable investment for individuals to buy houses from regions suitable for their daily lives.
  6. Because it is a profitable investment; investors may prefer to buy a house from an unfinished project  at lower prices and sell it at market price when the house is completed .
  7. Because Turkey it is cheaper when you compare to other countries of the living conditions, the investment made by foreign individuals here will also provide an advantage for them.
  8. Turkey is also livable climate in the 4 seasons.
  9. The health system is much wider and more developed than other countries.
  10. The welcoming character of its people.
  11. And finally by being more variety of real estate in Turkey is presented in many types of housing.

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